Creating alternatives to slaughter for BC horses.    

Belinda Lyall has been advocating for horses and saving them from slaughter since 2000. Sadly, after almost two decades, little has changed in the slaughter industry.

Despite shocking undercover investigations by The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, and numerous media exposes, the general public remains oblivious that horse slaughter for human consumption exists in Canada.

In May, 2017, BC Horse Angels was incorporated, with the goal of raising funds to  provide the public education that’s badly needed to put pressure on politicians to shut down the horse slaughter industry in Canada, as well as set up programs in BC to care for unwanted and abandoned horses.

Belinda is pictured above with one of the many foals BC Horse Angels has saved from slaughter.  Belinda bought this filly’s mother just as she was about to go to slaughter and this baby was born at BC Horse Angels.

Since 2015, Belinda has found homes for over 200 horses slated for slaughter.  Countless hours have been spent evaluating, rehabbing, caring for, and training horses of every description.  She has an extra soft spot for wild and feral horses, which are a major source of slaughter horses shipped from BC, and she loves to promote the exceptional qualities of these horses to the public.

The goal of BC Horse Angels is to expand a network of sanctuaries and rescue organizations across BC, to provide humane options for all horses in BC.

Initiatives will include:

  • Billboards and public awareness campaigns.
  • Funding for sanctuaries.
  • Funding for more rescue and adoption facilities, including training and adoption programs for wild horses and feral horses off reserves.
  • Funding and organization of open door shelters for owner surrender.
  • Funding for humane euthanasia programs.
  • Lobbying for regulated breeding.
  • Lobbying for a ban on horse slaughter in B.C.
  • Supporting the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition in efforts to permanently ban slaughter in Canada, and export to slaughter.

In the last 2 years alone, BC Horse Angels has found homes for over 200 horses who would otherwise have been slaughtered for human consumption.

Stormy is just one example of the over 200 horses whose lives have been transformed by BC Horse Angels. Stormy was bought as he was on his way to be slaughtered for human consumption. He was adopted to Timberline Tours in Lake Louise.

“Stormy is awsome! He is just wonderful. Friendly, well mannered, well broke. He has seen a few new things but taken it all in without a fuss. We are very happy with him.”  — Susan Peyto

Chevy and Hat came in with a group of 12 horses, whose time on the broker lot had run out.  Several were unhandled, growth-stunted stud colts.

Chevy was especially underweight, weak and lethargic.

With love and attention, the light came back to Chevy’s eyes, and he quickly blossomed into a stunning horse with a gentle, kind nature.

Both horses turned out to be exceptionally friendly, and loved to spend time around people.

They were gelded, rehabbed, halter trained, and adopted to a loving home.

Chevy and Hat are now Sunny and Buckwheat, and live with Shannon and Brent Wiemken in Salmon Arm. Thank you, Shannon and Brent!

An extra special thanks to Dana and Phil Wallenstein, who welcomed 8 rescue horses to their beautiful property in South Canoe, Salmon Arm, and took excellent care of them over the summer.

While there, all the horses bloomed and the best of their dispositions was brought out by daily interaction with Dana and Phil. Chevy and Hat were heart stealers, and everyone was sad (but happy for them) when they left for their new life.

Can’t thank you enough, Dana and Phil! From BC Horse Angels and Chevy, Hat, Domino, Miles, Dinah, Doc, Cinnamon and Milton.

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Thank you for your continued support.  Your kindness is transforming the lives of B.C. horses and advancing the effort to end the slaughter of horses in Canada for human consumption.

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  Creating alternatives to slaughter for BC horses.  

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