Creating alternatives to slaughter for BC horses.



Canada slaughters tens of thousands of horses annually for human consumption, and exports live horses to be slaughtered in Japan.  Horses suffer horrible cruelty, and their meat is tainted with veterinary drugs that are illegal in all other food animals.

These are horses raised to trust people, as companions and working animals. Once discarded to slaughter, all regard for their treatment ends.

From beginning to end, the horse slaughter industry is a black mark on Canada.

Alex Atamanenko

British Columbia Member of Parliament (Retired)

Slaughter has led to over breeding and created a crisis in the horse industry.  A glut of surplus horses has devalued these intelligent and loyal animals to a disposable commodity.

Those who profit are fighting to maintain slaughter, at great cost to horses and their owners. Slaughter does not discriminate and no horse is safe.

I did everything i could to protect Sargon, but it wasn’t enough.

Kim Wilson

Owner of Sargon, who was stolen and unlawfully slaughtered

Foals pictured were born after BC Horse Angels rescued two pregnant mares who were destined to be slaughtered for human consumption.

At BC Horse Angels we believe if the public were informed, they would support an end to the inhumane treatment of these incredible animals, that have done so much for mankind.

The general public is sadly ignorant of the fact that horses are slaughtered for human consumption, and is certainly not aware of the suffering they endure.

Horse Slaughter is Canada’s Dirty Secret!

Education is key because once the percentage of knowledge reaches the tipping point, our politicians will have no choice but to listen and act.

I feel that the footage from the Bouvry Plant shows levels of suffering that are unacceptable.

Mary Richards


I often helped chop up meat to make burgers and also to make sausages. They asked me each time to add horse and sometimes pork.

Former employee of Plateau-Mont-Royal Butcher Shop

Veterinary experts around the world and leading animal protection groups have denounced horse slaughter as inhumane.

Canadian Veterinary Equine Welfare Council

With public support we can create humane options for all horses in British Columbia, Canada, stop the irresponsible breeding and shipping to slaughter, and bring back value to the horse.

BC Horse Angels is focused on improving the well being of all horses in BC, with initiatives for:

  • Billboards and public awareness campaigns.
  • Funding for sanctuaries across BC.
  • Funding for more rescue and adoption facilities.
  • Training and adoption programs for wild horses and feral horses off reserves.
  • Funding and organization of open door shelters for owner surrender.
  • Funding for humane euthanasia programs.
  • Lobbying for regulated breeding.
  • Lobbying for a ban on horse slaughter in BC.
  • Supporting the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition in efforts to permanently ban slaughter in Canada, and export to slaughter.

We believe we can demonstrate to the rest of Canada that humane treatment of horses is not just possible, but is the only acceptable standard.

Filly pictured was born one week after a pregnant mare was purchased by BC Horse Angels at the Kamloops auction. Mare and unborn baby would otherwise have shipped to slaughter.

Nothing is anything until you make it something and then it becomes what you make it.

T. Harv Eker

Inner World Principals for Outer World Success



Creating alternatives to slaughter for BC horses.


BC SPCA Survey

Take the BC SPCA's 5-min strategic planning survey and let them know what animal issues matter most to you. NOTE:  The very last page has a "field" AKA box for you to add your thoughts.  In our humble opinion that is the perfect place to mention something...

Horses Shipped from Canada to Japan for Human Consumption

Once again our heroes at Canadian Horse Defence Coalition are staying on top and bringing to light details about the ugly truth of horse slaughter within Canada and else where. Thank you HCDC for all that you do. ----------- ACCESS TO INFORMATION DOCUMENTS FOR ATLAS...

Thank you for your continued support.  Your kindness is transforming the lives of B.C. horses and advancing the effort to end the slaughter of horses in Canada for human consumption.

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Creating alternatives to slaughter for BC horses.


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