UPDATE:  December 29th, 2017 6:20 PM Pacific

BC’s Wild Horses Need You!

A cull is happening in Vernon, BC. We saved six today but there are already seven more in catch pen and if they are not purchased by private individuals or by BC Horse Angels they will be shipped to be slaughtered. We have until tomorrow morning to purchase them.

These are healthy, young, gorgeous horses. Pregnant mares.

A major focus in the new year will be working with the First Nations bands, here in B.C. to come up with solutions for these horses.

The feral horses make a good portion of horses shipping to slaughter in Alberta for human consumption. Like this group many are pregnant mares. 😢

Some band members are NOT happy about this. But when horses start getting hit on the roads the pressure is on to reduce the herd, and unfortunately those who are not in favour of this type of cull are not necessarily the decision makers, or don’t have the connections to be able to sell these horses privately.

You can help us continue the work we are doing to reform BC’s horse industry, with a recurring monthly contribution of $5-20 to BC Horse Angels.

To learn more about what we do please see our HOME page

The more regular contributors we have the more human solutions and options we can provide for horses across BC.

Sign up buttons are on the website and at the bottom of this post:


There’s an option for a one time contribution via or website or if an e-Transfer is easier you may help that way.

Thank you, Horse Angels!


Huge thank you, to everyone who contributed to get the ones we saved today!  Thank you in advance for all those who are about to come forward to help us save the rest!

Please feel free to share far and wide.



Taking a leap of faith here and going to start an album for these horses and believe that funds will come in by tomorrow morning to save them.

Need a name for this group. Six pregnant mares and one stud. All feral. Most pintos.

I’ll have more pics in morning.

Minimum $1450 still needed.

Best way to help is by signing up for recurring monthly contributions of $5-$20 on website.


Also taking e-Transfers at bchorseangels@gmail.com

No amount too small.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far! T

hree are safe and you bought the other four more time and have given them a chance too.

Who else would rather see these mares live to deliver their foals rather than have them ripped alive from their bellies on the slaughter floor?

All it’ll cost you is $5-20. Link is here:


What are we going to call this group?

The Lucky 7?

Holiday Horses?

Please put your suggestions below.

Thank you again, Horse Angels

Interested in adopting a horse?

Click Here

Thank you for your continued support.  Your kindness is transforming the lives of B.C. horses and advancing the effort to end the slaughter of horses in Canada for human consumption.

PLEASE NOTE:  You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to contribute, you may use a major credit card.


Interac e-Transfer bchorseangels@gmail.com

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  Creating alternatives to slaughter for BC horses.  

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