Creating alternatives to slaughter for BC horses.    

Bert (now Charlie) and Sam were among 14 horses that Belinda purchased at the Kamloops auction April 29, 2016.

Bert was a former harness racer, who had retired from the track to great success in the equestrian world, as a trail horse and a competing english show horse.

Sam came from a dude string. Too stiff and sore for trail rides, he was taken to the auction, which is the gateway to the slaughter pipeline for horses like Sam.

Sam seemed to know his time was up. Looking completely defeated, he stood quietly in his pen at the auction, ears back, with a very worried and inward look. At first glance it appeared as if Sam might be a bit aggressive, but it only took one kind word and Sam’s expression immediately softened. He turned to look with wide eyes, as if he couldn’t dare to believe the worst wasn’t about to happen.

At that moment Belinda knew no matter what his price, Sam would NOT be going on the slaughter truck.

Belinda outbid the kill buyer for Sam. People in the stands applauded, as Sam’s sad demeanor and slim chance for a home was obvious to everyone.

A couple of months later, Piri De Vries came to look at Bert, to adopt as a riding horse. When Belinda convinced her to take a look at Sam as well, Piri immediately connected with the hurt and trauma from Sam’s past, and his worry that he might be subjected to future painful riding experiences.

When Piri asked Sam if he’d like to go live with her, Sam told her as long as he would never be ridden again.

Take that as you may, but Sam and Bert were both adopted by Piri, and are now living the good life at Rainbow Spirit Retreat on Piri’s beautiful property in Bridge Lake, BC. Sam is now a therapy horse and a favourite among guests.

Sam and Bert are integrated into the herd along with another slaughter bound mare, “Spirit,” who Piri outbid the kill buyer for at the Kamloops auction in September 2017.

Thank you for your continued support.  Your kindness is transforming the lives of B.C. horses and advancing the effort to end the slaughter of horses in Canada for human consumption.

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  Creating alternatives to slaughter for BC horses.  

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